50% off on the new Orb Composer 1.5

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 17 November 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Orb Composer 1.5 50% SALE

Get Orb Composer (Affiliate Link) now and enjoy the fantastic AI made by Hexachords! For more on Orb Composer take a look at our Orb Composer Review- Machine Learning (AI) tool for Music Composers by Hexachord.

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50% off on the new Orb Composer 1.5 4

There are plenty of tools available that are helping producers and composers to come up with new ideas or in for the less complicated need getting an EDM producer much closer to the next song. Orb Composer (Affiliate Link) is for the more experienced composer, and in reach for a producer with experiences.

Orb Composer is a standalone application that supports several DAWs. In your DAW you can drive the available instruments of choice and record the MIDI in the DAW as well. We review the Pro Version.

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50% off on the new Orb Composer 1.5 5

Orb Composer (Affiliate Link) is an excellent tool to create a song or score from zero. The software claims to be the first artificial intelligence software for composers. The Application is there to help and allows you to decide how involved the software gets when doing the job for you. Orb Composer is available in two versions: Artist to Pro, you can upgrade later from Artist to Pro. The Pro version is what I would recommend, as there is a full upgrade path you can start with the beginner version (Artist).

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50% off on the new Orb Composer 1.5 6
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