PercX – Auddict’s Most Advanced Virtual Percussion Instrument

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 25 November 2019
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Auddict’s PercX is the excellent synergy linking samples and loops, handling both worlds to and surpassing their limits. The instrument runs as a standalone, VST, AU and AAX plugin. Compatible with all major DAWs. 


All mixing tools and effects have been designed with percussion in mind. We’ve condensed some of the most interesting effects into single knobs with either one or two dials.

PercX Playback Engine

The playback engine of PercX makes sure that the prerolls and transients of your arrangements will always be perfectly locked in tempo. The MIDI editing also snaps to the transients for a musical workflow.

500+ instruments

Taikos, Toms, Snares, Kicks, Hats, Bombos, Hybrid SFX, Chinese Toms, Dhols, Djuns, and Frame Drums are just a few of the many instruments included in PercX. You name it. We have it. 500+ instruments with multiple Round Robin variations and up to eight dynamic layers. Play them as fully customizable loops or deep-sampled library.

ll instruments have been created in a musical context and you can use the original rhythms to jump-start your compositions. You can use them as they are, tweak them a little bit, or completely deconstruct the patterns and compose entirely new material. A “manual mode” lets you play the instrument like a traditional sample library, with very high numbers of RR repetitions and up to eight dynamic layers.


PercX is available now directly from

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