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Strezov Sampling’s StormChoir Ultimate – Pre Order 

STORM CHOIR Ultimate is now available for pre-order.

Recorded at Sofia Session Studio

StormChoir Ultimate is a 20-piece chamber choir recorded with three microphone positions in Sofia Session Studio (the same hall where Strezov Sampling recorded their Afflatus and NextGen choir series). Completely new recordings ported within the powerful Syllabuilder engine, giving you the highest control possible on syllables, morphing, creating new words and polyphonic true legato.

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Strezov Sampling recorded slightly bigger ensembles – 10 singers per section (men/women) for the syllables and 6 singers per section for the legatos.

StormChoir Ultimate by STREZOV MUSIC
StormChoir Ultimate by Strezov Sampling - Pre Order Available 5


  • 20-piece chamber choir (Syllabuilder patches), 12-piece chamber choir (legato)
  • Slavonic molto vibrato tone, over-the-top dynamics, and performance
  • Three mic positions (Close, Decca, and Hall) – recorded in Sofia Session Studio
  • True Polyphonic Legato samples for both women and men
  • 24 different syllables accessible through an intuitive phrase builder
  • Recorded with ribbon close-mic array (Coles x3 and Royer x2) for a “darker” sound, Neumann M150 for Decca tree, DPA4006 for wide outriggers


The library also has a dedicated FX section, featuring whispers (in two dynamics – soft whisper and “theatric” whisper), shouts, clusters (multiple dynamics, ranges, and vowels) and the traditional risers and falls. The whispers and shouts are included in a Syllabuilder patch that gives you the possibility to morph between syllables, to connect them and to create new words, patterns and effects really quick. 

StormChoir Ultimate by STREZOV MUSIC PRODUCTIONS legato preview
StormChoir Ultimate by Strezov Sampling - Pre Order Available 6


When it comes to virtual choirs there are basically two approaches: Phrasebulding (StormChoir legacy series) and Wordbuilding (Rhodope legacy series). Storm Choir Ultimate combines the simplicity and sample recording of phrase building with the advanced editing functions of wordbuilding, the same was as Strezov Sampling NextGen choir libraries do. This allows you to have amazing sounding results within seconds, but also to build and create new sample content with only a few mouse-clicks (combine multiple syllables together, save them as presets, morph between vowels, combine staccato and sustain together, etc.).

All samples have their natural attacks included. However, if you want to tighten them up the Syllabuilder Engine allows you to set custom attack, release, volume and offset values for each field independently. Something completely new and greatly missed in all phrase building choir libraries.

StormChoir Ultimate by STREZOV MUSIC PRODUCTIONS syllabuilder preview
StormChoir Ultimate by Strezov Sampling - Pre Order Available 7

You can also create complete choral patterns inside the GUI or connect different syllables and morph them to add motion to your choir arrangements. Save and Load complete lyric presets to quickly get yourself into the actual composition or enhance your setup with predefined quick words.

image 54
StormChoir Ultimate by Strezov Sampling - Pre Order Available 8
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