Zebra2 v2.9 NKS Beta u-he and Black Friday Sale

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 25 November 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Zebra2 v2.9 BETA

U-he communicated the news that Zebra version 2.9 is arriving shortly. The official release is scheduled for the end of November, the update will be free for existing Zebra2 owners. To celebrate the new version, Zebra2 will be available at a 30% discount for a limited time.

Zebra 2.9 – New Features

Zebra 2.9 introduces NKS support and macOS 10.15 Catalina compatibility. We also tagged the Zebra2 and Zebrify factory patch libraries, and we added X/Y pad control for countless variations per preset.

Zebra 2.9
Zebra2 v2.9 NKS Beta u-he and Black Friday Sale 3
  • All factory presets refurbished with XY pad control
  • NKS support for Zebra2 and Zebrify
  • Mac installer notarized (Catalina)
  • Browser: tagging fully implemented, all presets now tagged
  • Browser: drag & drop between browser and system windows
  • various fixes and improvements, including MIDI, Learn for VST3

Zebra 2.9 Improvements

  • Mac installer notarized (Catalina)
  • NKS support for Zebra2 and Zebrify
  • Added tags
  • Factory presets all “XY-ified”
  • Two new oscillator effects (DX, Smear)
  • Browser: file system drag&drop support
  • Browser: import/export of favorite assignments
  • VST3 MIDI learn to work
  • Windows installer improvements
  • Full UTF-8 support for installation paths
  • Mac installer improved to prevent permission issues
  • Improved GUI response time on some Macs running Mojave (sluggish GUI)
  • Windows GUI performance improved (less CPU load with open GUI)
  • Sustain pedal now working according to standard (0-63 = off, 64-127 = on)

Zebra 2.9 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where some oscillator effect combinations would lead to silence
  • Fixed an issue where parameters could take over XY value from previous preset
  • Fixed an issue where Microtuning & low notes could lead to problems
  • Fixed an issue with the arp when not receiving MIDI note-off events
  • Fixed an issue with the MSEG in single trigger mode
  • Fixed rare crash when reopening old host projects
  • Fixed rare issue where newly imported presets would not show up
  • Fixed multiple graphics glitches in VCF module
  • Fixed a glitch when trying to adjust MSEG mod depth in Zebrify
  • Fixed wrong link to ZebraHZ presets folder (Windows only)
  • Various other fixes and improvements


You can already download the Zebra 2.9 beta version.

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Zebra2 v2.9 NKS Beta u-he and Black Friday Sale 4
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