Black Friday Deals From MOK

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 26 November 2019
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Waverazor Dual Oscillator + MX4 bundle

The Waverazor Dual Oscillator is a result of a special collaboration between 1010music and MOK. It is the first hardware module to bring MOK’s patented wave-slicing​ oscillator design to Eurorack format. Waverazor’s novel approach to synthesis splices waveforms into twisted and aggressive new timbres. Featuring fresh sound generation techniques like Multi-Sync and Mutant AM, the Waverazor oscillator is perfect for biting leads, glitched-out basses, cinematic drones and everything in between.

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Combine the Waverazor with the MX4 and you can use a single MIDI signal to keep the Waverazor in lockstep with your other gear.

From November 27th through the 30th only, 1010music is offering a FREEMX4 Buffered MIDI Mult ($99.95 value) when you purchase a Waverazor Dual Oscillator.  Send MIDI control across your Eurorack modular system via Arturia’s TRS minijack standard.  (While supplies last.)

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