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Vengeance Producer Suite Updated

We celebrate the release of the new free major 1.5. Update of VPS Avenger with a big discount: Order any Vengeance product NOW and get an unbelievable 50% discount on everything! This includes all Vengeance Producer and Mastering Suite Plugins as well as all expansions for Avenger, Metrum & Phalanx. So basically you get 2 for 1. Order now while this incredible deal lasts! Enter “FRIDAY” during checkout to get a 50% discount.

Avenger Update 1.5.0

This update is free for all Avenger users and you can find it now in your Avenger account.
Introducing new awesome stuff:

  • new content like presets, samples, drums, the outstanding new Guitar Module (“Multiloop”) with new Timestretch algorithm (ZPlane Elastique Pro),
  • new analog filters by ArtsAcoustic, a free expansion pack (Synthstruments),
  • a new white skin, and tons of improvements and fixes.

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Vengeance Producer Suite 1.5 – What is New

New major Features:

  • New Synthesis Module: “Multiloop” Player. Plays for example Guitar loops in accordance with chord detection in min/maj or 5th, 7th etc..
  • New Library of 54 Guitar loop Kits: 9 Distorted Guitars, 28 Electric Guitars, 6 Nylon Guitars and 11 Steel Guitars
  • Timestretch algorhitm with Formant shifting and transient detection: Elastique Pro by Z-Plane
  • 3 new Guitar Expansion Packs available: XP1 Distortion & Electric / XP2 Muted Nylon and Steel / XP3 Acoustic and Electric Bass
  • Added new Vintage self-resonating filters from ArtsAcoustic: Awesome emulation of classic analog filters!
  • New Filtertypes: LP12/24dB, HP12/24dB, BP12/24dB, BS12/24dB
  • New Filtertypes with resonance distortion
  • New Filtertypes drive dependant on input gain
  • New Skin: White
    -All previous skins updates to new functions
  • Factory Library R7: Tons of new Stuff: FX Presets, Arp Presets, Envelope Presets, FX Chains, Drumkits, Shapes, Multisamples and Wavetables
  • Over 90 brand new Impulse Responses for the “Impulse Reverb” increasing the number of available Impulses to over 200
  • new latch mode for the ARP
  • Free Expansion Pack! “Synthstruments”… digitally recreated real instruments via Wavetable, Combfilter and FM technology by Mirko Ruta
  • 136 Presets / 12 Drumkits/SQs / 21 new Multisamples / 164 new Wavetables (Bass/Brass/Keys/Mallet/Others/Pluck/String/Voice/Woodwind)
  • Added new copy protection system: You can now manage your 3 installations yourself (You now have the ability to de-authorize machines).

New minor Features:

  • Further Improvement of ARP Chord Detection
  • new Arp connect Mode: Notes can be tied together now. Use it for Portaslides or for the new Multiloop Module
  • Arp does now display note Values in the Note Block for a better information
  • Mod Matrix is now expandable over entire screen heigth
  • New Button “turn on/off Chord Note-Mute popup”
  • Drumkit Export now exports Drum-Rolls correctly
  • New dynamic font size detection for XP browser title screen: no more cut fonts
  • Mod Env Speed is now automatable polyphonic (each note gets its own values, for example you can automate speed via keytrack, velocity etc…)
  • Added: ghost EQ drawing for drumslot-EQ modulations
  • Added: 4 new MOD sources: Bipolar Random A B C D (goes randomly into both directions: positive & negative
  • ARP Chord selector context menu shows currently selected chord as checked
  • “mod env speed” is now per-voice. Modulation of this parameter is now independend for each voice
  • resampler – the maximum number of wavetables is calcultated automatically now dependent on the length of the sample you load. Before it always was at max


  • Fixed: added missing Undo function for the ARP Mode
  • Fixed: low frames of Granular mod rings
  • Fixed: a bug in the Chorus FX when you typed a value via keyboard there was the wrong value
  • Fixed: a click in the Trancegate in conjunction with a granular sound
  • Fixed: Arp routing was not loaded correctly in 1.4.10 You were not able to select other arps in the OSC routing!
  • Fixed: several note hangs in conjunction with porta legato and endless sub mode
  • Fixed: adding a shaper in the drum section routing now works correctly
  • Fixed: Arp move left/right buttons could have lead to a polygon grafic error
  • Fixed: switching the arp from chord mode back to up: the ranges of the notes were not correctly changed
  • Fixed: presets which used the comb filters were sometimes loaded incorrectly (out of tune)
  • Fixed: a clicking problem in the delay FX
  • Fixed: a bug in the routing of the chorus FX
  • Fixed: an aliasing problem with Arp in legato mode
  • Fixed: audio preview in the sample browser now plays without click
  • Fixed: “phase” in the WT editor was not working correctly
  • Fixed: endless sub mode was not displayed correctly in the used voices counter
  • Fixed: in the chorder there was zipper noise when automating the volume. This is now gone
  • Fixed: drum kits had a slight latency in 1.4.10. This is now fixed
  • Fixed: a bug in the AMP release when playing 2 times the same note
  • Fixed: Wavetable first note trigger was not working correctly
  • Fixed: a problem when the MST filter was muted when you switched to Talkbox
  • Fixed: the Wavetable envelope reacted wrong to host tempochanges
  • Fixed: “Phase” in the Wavetable editor was not working in conjunction with “First Note” trigger mode
  • Fixed: audio clicking when switching chords in the Arp chordmode
  • Fixed: Noise oscillator had a bug when it occasionally produces a freezed noise
  • Fixed: Wavetable envelop is not set “on” by init default
  • Fixed: Arp stayed not sync while host tempo was changed via automation
  • Fixed: a problem with granular samples when you changed to 1 BPM and back in your DAW
  • Fixed: LFO Synced Delay / Synced Fade did not follow BPM changes correctly
  • Fixed: DrumSlot EQ LowPass/HighPass Mode now works correctly
  • Fixed: rare OSC microfade “zipper” noise
  • Fixed: non-static filter attack phase. Each new note should now sound the same if the osc sends the same audio
  • Fixed: rare click sound after a preset was loaded and the first note was played back
  • Fixed: drum sequencer midi export/import now rolls correctly
  • Fixed: ARP midi-out. Now the Chord base note is also send to midi out
  • Fixed: copy paste in DrumSQ. Now the roll information is also copied correctly
  • Fixed: drum slot sample Reverse playback is working correctly with sample start/end points now
  • Fixed: selecting / descelecting notes in the drumsequencer did sometimes not disable/grey out the parameter dials
  • Fixed: master filter selecting “Talkbox” for the first time did result in silence
  • Fixed: StepSQ. Filling the StepSQ with mousebutton held down did not set the correct values
  • Fixed: drumsequencer – copy/paste is now working correctly for notes with “roll” settings
  • Fixed: drum sample slot parameters will not change now, if a sample slot is “locked” and a new drumkit is loaded
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