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Lethal Blow by PMSFX is a compilation of fight sound effects. The library includes 925 sound effects. In detail there are 600 source recording and 325 designed sound effects part of Lethal Blow. Lethal Blow comes loaded with all sorts of sounds – from simple punches to multi-layered crunchy blows and meaty hits. All source sounds ware recorded with top tier microphones; Sennheiser MKH8040 and MKH8060 at 192kHz/24Bit with a Sound Devices recorder.

LETHAL BLOW Fight Sound Effects 3

LETHAL BLOW Categories

DESIGNED 96/24 (325 SFX)

  • Bone Breaks – Crunchy breaks, snaps, and tears
  • Grabs, throws, and blacks
  • Bright Punches – Punches with meaty bottom and pronounces “beef slap” transients
  • Crunch Punches – Punches layered with bone breaks and cracks
  • Dark punches – Punches with more of a deep, organic, thumpy sound
  • Rips and tears – Fatality-like, gory tears
  • Simple Punches – Organic sounding, deep punches that consist of only few layers (compared to other punches)
  • Punches “Xtra” – Punches without Arm movement/scuffle/whoosh – just a hit that you can layer with your own woos/scuffle
  • Skull crashes – Gory, slimy skull crashes and splits
  • Swooshes whooshes and scuffles


  • Scuffles, arm movements and whooshes – Cotton, denim, and nylon
  • Snaps – Leak snaps
  • Flesh drops – Dropped oranges
  • Cotton transients – Cotton hoodie hit with a soft drum mallet
  • Real chest punches – Closed fist
  • Meaty punches – Beefy, organic punches (punching beef steaks)
  • Lettuce punches and smacks – Deep, wet lettuce punches plus exaggerated transient sounds.
  • Real chest smacks – Open fist
  • Meat movement – gory, slimy, beef movements
  • Meat Slaps – Beef steaks dropped on a tile floor with pronounced transients
  • Small crack – cracking eggshells
  • Bell pepper rips – Tearing, ripping apart Bell peppers for crunchy snaps and cracks
  • Whooshes and swooshes – Airy whooshes
  • Fabric Movement – random, cotton cloth whooshes and multiple swishes

325 designed sound effects will get you started right away and save a lot of time when cutting fight scenes. 600 high-quality source recordings will allow you to design all kinds of punches, bone brakes and gore sound effects from scratch, exactly to your taste.

All sound effects are highly tweakable. You can fine-tune them to your liking; pitch them up/down to remove/add weight whilst retaining details and clarity.


Lethal Blow is available now.

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