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Omnidose by Man Makes Noise

Man Makes Noise releases Omnidose for Omnisphere 2.6 and welcomes you to a journey that began 32 years ago when Roland released the D-50 synth.

Man Makes Noise Releases Omnidose for Omnisphere 2.6 2

Omnidose is a modern-day reimagining of that legendary piece of music gear. This is not an attempt to recreate what the D-50 sounded like, but rather a voyage to discover new sonic ground, the Man Makes Noise way. The 125 patches of Omnidose were made using the Roland D-50 waveforms in Omnisphere.

These patches require the Omnisphere 2.6 hardware library to function! The patches are divided into 8 categories: ARP + BPM (14), DISTORTION (3), HITS AND BITS (6), PADS + STRINGS (44), SYNTH BASS (23), SYNTH MONO (5), SYNTH POLY (22), SYNTH SHORT (8).

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Most Omnidose patches use multiple MIDI CC controls: Velocity, Modwheel, Aftertouch, Breath Control, and Pitch Bend to change parameters of the sounds.

Availibility and Pricing

The Omnisphere 2.6 Sound Set Omnidose is available for 25€ (excluding VAT) with an intro price of 19€ (excluding VAT) until February, 9th 2020. Omnidose contains a bonus of 10 Artificial Ambiences in .wav format.

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