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Klevgrand’s Hillman Vintage Combo Synth

Hillman, a vintage combo synth plugin instrument available for iPad (AUv3) and Mac & Windows (AU/VST/AAX). It has been designed and developed by Klevgrand, a small studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hillman is a synth like an instrument inspired by old combo-organs, string machines and similar vintage gear. It has 4 voices per note, each with selectable waveform (transistor-ish, tube-ish, sine, and special plasma), octave switch and level control.

The sound is generated with an analog approach but does not use samples or sampled wavetables. Hillman also has an intuitive ADSR envelope control, FX section with Chorus, Phaser & Reverb, and comes with many built-in presets.

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Hillman User Interface

Hillman Features

  • 4 voices per note
  • Each voice has selectable waveform (transistors, tubes, sine, and special plasma) + octave switch and level control
  • ADSR Envelope control
  • Smooth ensemble chorus with 3 different modes
  • 4-pole phaser with 2 different modes
  • Lush reverb which ranges from a small room to churchlike halls
  • The rich collection of built-in presets


Klevgrand launched the Hillman Vintage Combo Synth and it is now available here

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