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Inouï Samples Releases “Breath & Beat Box” for Kontakt with Intro Price




Inouï Samples Releases 22Breath Beat Box22 for Kontakt with Intro Price

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“Breath & Beat Box” by Inouï Samples

Whether you want a delicate rhythmic arrangement for your compositions, or fancy a live human presence to get your electronic productions warmer, if you wish for unusual and unheard percussion, Breath & Beat Box is worth a look.

Breath & Beat Box is a thorough bundle of vocal percussions of great precision and sensibility. It features the main kit, inspired by a drumset, made of 4 kicks, 2 snares with different playing techniques, chromatic toms on 3 lengths, 2 hi-hats, 5 cymbals, 4 shakers, and 3 woodblocks and a few complimentary instruments designed to help you create even more diverse and detailed rhythms and textures.

Breath & Beat Box Features

  • more than 1900 samples
  • more than 1900 samples
  • 48kHz / 24 bits (recorded and processed in 96kHz)
  • up to 6 layers of velocity
  • up to 5 round robins
  • 2 microphone positions :
  • close position cardioid large membrane (mono)
  • semi proximity omnidirectional short membrane couple (stereo)
  • Requires Kontakt 5.8.1 or later


  • Designers: Nelson MALLÉUS & Séraphin QUITTAU
  • Voice performer: Séraphin QUITTAU
  • Sound engineer: Nelson MALLÉUS
  • Clearing and processing samples: Nelson MALLÉUS & Altaïr SOMMEREAU
  • Programming: Nelson MALLÉUS
  • Graphic design: Séraphin QUITTAU
  • Sound advisor: Antoine PRADALET
  • Maths advisors: Arnaud GARNIER, Lucas MALLÉUS

Breath & Beat Box UI

Breath Beat Box UI
Inouï Samples Releases “Breath & Beat Box” for Kontakt with Intro Price 3

The interface is split by 3 areas :

  • general settings (1)
  • access to mixing console (2)
  • access to elements pages of the kit (3)


Inouï Samples released Breath & Beat Box an an introduction price now.

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