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Discovery Pro a Virtual Analog + Wave + PAD Synthesizer

Discovery Pro is a virtual analog synthesizer emulation for Audio Units and VST hosts
featuring multi-layering, parameter morphing, high-quality sound, WAV, and SF2 support,
PAD re-synthesis and straightforward interface.

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Discovery Pro Version 6.9 Released 2

Discovery Pro 6.9 What is New

  • Code signed files ready for macOS Catalina.
  • Rewritten multichannel bus configuration.
  • Windows and Linux standalone.
  • Linux standalone JACK support.
  • New 128 presets bank by Thomas Hook.
  • Major framework upgrade for enhanced compatibility and stability.
  • Compiled with XCode 10.3, VS 2019 and Ubuntu 18.


6.9 is free for 6.5+ customers. Upgrades and cross-grades for previous Discovery Pro and Discovery customers are available at discoDSP Members Area.

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