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Divisimate a Realtime MIDI Divisi Engine

Divisimate is a standalone application for Mac and PC designed to help you perform and record orchestrations in your DAW in real-time.

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Divisimate creates 32 virtual MIDI ports, which will appear in your sequencer as separate midi devices. In Divisimate, live input is split up into individual voices which you can modify and route to any of the output ports.

In most DAWs you can select a distinct midi device for every single track, so it is possible to have every Divisimate output port assigned to a different instrument. Every combination of routings in Divisimate will now correspond to specific instrumentation and voicing in your template.

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Now you can edit and build presets to fit your personal template and workflow. Do you need Divisimate only for the Brass, and prefer to program the rest normally? Do you want to perform the full orchestra? Or a Big Band? Or even experimental synth sounds? In the studio? On stage?

This works best and is the most fun with playable instruments, but we’ve included features that allow articulation switching via a key switch and UACC, so you can make essentially any library work with it.


Divisimate is available as standalone software for Mac and PC. The remote control app for iPad can be downloaded for free from the app store.

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