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Rast Sound Releases Master Shakuhachi





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Master Shakuhachi available with Intro Offer | Rast Sound

Recorded with Master Fukuda Teruhisa in Japan, this unique Shakuhachi library offers a solo instrument with 6 articulations, wealth of rare performances & patterns.

reg. 34 €

Master Shaku Engine
Rast Sound Releases Master Shakuhachi 3

Master Shakuhachi Features

  • 814 MB for KONTAKT & WAV
  • 250+ Samples
  • 6 Solo Articulations with Keyswitches
  • Patterns – Phrases – Performances
  • Extra Styles & Effects
  • Kontakt Full version (5.8.3 or more)

Master Shakuhachi Solo Articulations

  • Vibrato Sustain (2,5 Octaves)
  • Sustain (2,5 Octaves)
  • Snap Staccato (2 Octaves)
  • Staccato (2 Octaves)
  • Noise Sustain (1,5 Octaves)
  • Trill (1,5 Octaves)

Master Shakuhachi Performances & Patterns

  • 80 Patterns Bpm Locked
  • Long Improvisations
  • Phrases to Easy Build Up
  • Effects & More

Master Fukuda Teruhisa Credits

  • Co-Producer: Jaim Cleeland
  • Performer: Fukuda Teruhisa
  • Producer: Rast Sound
  • Audio Demo: Axeast

Availibility and Pricing

Master Fukuda Teruhisa is now available at an intro price of 24 Euro (plus Tax)

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