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New Dual LFO Module for AE Modular

2LFO – this will replace the single LFO module with a dual LFO with one LFO having the option to continuously morph between sawtooth and triangle waveforms. It is now available in the shop.

A dual LFO with different waveforms and triangle-sawtooth blending. The 2LFO module has two LFO units with different features and generates modulation voltages mostly below the audio range.

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  • RATE knobs for controlling the frequency
  • SLOW / FAST switch for two frequency ranges; with FAST the rate can go into the lower audio range
  • SHAPE knob for the first LFO blends from rising sawtooth to triangle to falling sawtooth
  • Triangle / Sawtooth switch for the second LFO; changes the waveform of the output
  • PULSE WIDTH knob for the second LFO, this sets the pulse width of the according to output
  • control LEDs for the output waveforms
  • PWM input for modulation of the square wave pulse width of the second LFO
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