ALGODRONE a Stunning Tonal and Rhythmical Patterns Module

ALGODRONE – A module for exploring the noisy soundscapes of ByteBeat algorithms. This module is ready for making sounds from short C programs. It is now available in the AE Modular shop.

The ALGODRONE module is a sound source based on the so-called byte beat algorithms. These are simplistic formulas, usually expressed as one line of program code, that spit out a wide variety of interesting tonal to rhythmical patterns. All regardless of their simplicity.

The ALGODRONE module contains a number of these algorithms plus three parameter knobs that change values within the current algorithm. These differences vary from subtle to dramatic, even with small changes. All depending on the algorithm and the setting of the other parameters.

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Some algorithms create sound loops, to use these more flexible the ALGODRONE can work in a kind of “granular” mode where a smaller part of the entire loop is repeated and with the POSITION knob you can move through the entire output loop.

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