SOLINA is an AE Modular module that is an emulation of the 70ies string machines.

The SOLINA module is based on the excellent work of Jan Ostman. Jan developed a very good digital-based emulation of the sound of the string synths that were popular in the music of the 70ies and 80ies. Like ARP Solina (who gave this module its name), Logan String and others.

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SOLINA – This is a very lush string synthesizer module that uses a chip licensed from Jan Ostman. SOLINA is now available in the shop.

Their unique sound is based on several, minor detuned sawtooth oscillators and an ensemble effect.

This module produces chords, which can be shaped in different ways, like selecting the base scale (minor, major), adding the 7th or a bass note and different variations of the chord. The sound can be shaped with a variable oscillator spread/detune, adding a phaser/ensemble and a tone knob for choosing the overall character between bass focused to only higher parts of the sound.

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