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77% off “The Forge” by Epic Sound Lab – Normally €171 Now Only €39!



SALE on The Forge by Epic Sound Lab

The Forge (Affiliate Link) is an intuitive and powerful cinematic sample library that excels at sounds for Epic Hybrid Electronic, Orchestral and Trailer Music.

Designed to offer a flexible environment for you to customize the individual sounds to your needs, this library offers an enormous range of Loops, Drones, Drums, Impacts, SFX and more – perfect for every Film, TV and Game composer!

The sounds of The Forge (Affiliate Link) have been designed and built to enhance modern Action Movies, Cinematic Trailers, Underscore and Video Games and include a vast selection of Loops, Drones, Drums, Impacts, SFX, Melodic Instruments, Risers, Downers, Tuned Percussion and more!

77% off “The Forge” by Epic Sound Lab - Normally €171 Now Only €39! 33

3.4GB Of Cinematic Instruments, Drones, Drums, Impacts & SFX

  • Drones – Dark drones for horror and sci-fi
  • Drums – Several acoustic drums and sound designed ones, the stack function can make them sound huge!
  • Impacts – Aggressive and big impact sounds
  • Loops – Several aggressive/distorted drum, percussion and bass loops
  • Melodic – Atmospheric pianos, bowed classical guitar, ghost picked cello and more
  • SFX – A selection of atmospheric and unusual SFX
  • Sweeps – Noise and synth sweeps, downers and some modern hybrid synth stabs/hits
  • Synthetic – Contains the categories drums, arp, basic, bass, pads and poly
  • Tuned Percussion – Acoustic tuned percussion

The Forge (Affiliate Link) comes complete with 200 presets, which form a fantastic starting point for you to shape and manipulate the sounds.

Geared towards Film, TV, Video Game composers and Sound Designers, The Forge (Affiliate Link) provides everything you need to take those epic tracks to an entirely new level!

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EPIC Soundlab

EPIC Soundlab Everything Bundle




If you plan to add the current bundle of high-quality libraries and tools from EPIC Soundlab you have less than 48 hours left. There are many Kontakt instruments included and if you do have Reaktor you can use the included Reaktor Ensembles. You can grab for less than 48 hours the EPIC Soundlab Everything Bundle for  $99 (Affiliate Link)

There are five products included:

The Forge (Kontakt)
A sample library aimed at Film, TV and Games composers. Includes Drones, Drums (Acoustic, Designed, Synthetic), Impacts, Melodic, Rhythmic and Warped Loops, Melodic Instruments, Risers Downers, SFX, Sweeps, Synth Arp, Synth Basic, Synth Bass, Synth Pads, Synth Poly, and Tuned Percussions

The Forge Kontakt

Maliki (Kontakt)
A collection of epic drum loops arranged in 20 themes

Maliki Kontakt

Octamorph (Reaktor 5/6)
A 4 way spectral crossmorphing tool for Reaktor

esl quadrimorph gui mini

Octacontrol (Reaktor 5/6)
A 8 points MIDI Transmuter sound design tool made to control hardware and software MIDI devices.

esl octacontrol gui mini

Quadrimorph (Kontakt)
A tool for building complex soundscapes, morphing drones, shapeshifting risers and more. It contains Complex Risers, Morphing Drones, Fly-Bys, Rhythmic Morphing Drones, Rhythmic Risers, and Simple Risers

Quadrimorph Kontakt

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