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Arturia Introduces Rev PLATE-140

Vintage studio reverb

A circuit-accurate recreation of the iconic EMT 140 reverb and its vacuum tube preamp. A classic, full-bodied studio plate reverb with a lush tail, a dream come true for vocals, and adding that sought-after glue and space to your mix.

Modern touches

REV Plate-140 lets you filter and EQ your sound before it even hits the plate, so you can get rid of all those muddy or bright frequencies you don’t want to enjoy a lush, vintage reverb whenever you like.

Futuristic features

Our reimagined version lets you adjust the pre-delay to let your original sound have space, a high-pass filter on the input to hone its tone, integrated chorus, and even a post reverb EQ to make sure the effect perfectly complements your track.

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Rev PLATE-140 Compatibility

REV Plate-140 can be used inside any VST, AAX, or AU compatible recording software.


STEP 1: Log in to your MyArturia account. Make a new account if you don’t already have one, it’s free. 
STEP 2: Download the Arturia Software CenterThis is how all of our software instruments and effects are managed, rather than using awkward USB dongles. 
STEP 3: Install REV Plate-140 from the list in the Arturia Software Center. This will also activate your free license for the product. 
STEP 4: Enjoy! We hope you love using this great reverb plug-in.

Special Offer ends December 25, 2019

To secure this free reverb offer, you must download and register your free software license on or before December 25, 2019. After that time, Rev PLATE-140 will revert to its standard price of $99.

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