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Synchron Pianos: Bösendorfer Upright by Vienna Symphonic Library




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Vienna Symphonic Library Released Synchron Pianos: Bösendorfer Upright

The beautiful Bösendorfer Grand Upright 130 includes the experience of nearly two centuries of grand piano making. Its pure and pristine piano sound was captured with all its beauty and character at Stage B of Synchron Stage Vienna.

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Synchron Pianos: Bösendorfer Upright by Vienna Symphonic Library 5

The legendary pure and rich Bösendorfer sound is based on the Viennese tradition of piano making with its complex construction. Bösendorfer uses more than 80% naturally dried resonant spruce wood to build an instrument – more than any other manufacturer. When a note is played, the integrated spruce components become acoustically active, forming a complete resonating body similar in principle to a violin. Its precise mechanics offer optimum power transmission with maximum controllability. The carefully hand-spun bass strings – steel core strings with one or two layers of copper – also contribute to its warm and sonorous sound.


 Standard LibraryFull Library
1. Close 1 – Condenser (Schoeps 2 MK4 ORTF)
2. Close 2 – Ribbon (Royer SF24 Blumlein) 
3. Close 3 – Condenser Large Diaphragm (Neumann 2 TLM 170 Cardioids) 
4. Mid 1 (Sennheiser MKH 40 ORTF behind the piano) 
5. Mid 2 (Schoeps KFM6 over the piano)• 
6. Main/Room Mic – Decca Tree Stereo (Neumann KM 133)
7. Main/Room Mic – Decca Tree Mono (Neumann KM 133)
8. Main Surround – Stereo (Neumann KM 184) 

Even if you’re not using a surround setup, you get more ambience variations and spatial depth out of the Full Library by adding the room and surround microphones’ signals to your stereo mix.

Synchron Pianos: Bösendorfer Upright by Vienna Symphonic Library 6

Synchron Pianos: Bösendorfer Upright Key Features

  • Modern classic
  • Clear and uninhibited sound
  • Wide dynamic range, rich tone with a powerful bass
  • Stellar clarity in each note
  • Versatility in sound & timbre with 8 microphone positions
  • Recorded at Stage B of Synchron Stage Vienna
  • Advanced Release Sample Technology
  • Pre-configured Main Presets: Concert, Intimate, Player, Pop, Ambience, Vintage
SynchronBosendorferUpright 07 960x540
Synchron Pianos: Bösendorfer Upright by Vienna Symphonic Library 7

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