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Violin Untamed by Westwood -Expressive, Raw & Improvised




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Violin Untamed – The Perfect Violin For Imperfect Scores

VIOLIN UNTAMED is a solo violin library with the idea that samples should sound like a performance. At the heart of the instrument is Westwood Instruments’ unique Improvised articulation; a series of evolving and improvised notes. This sounds like a musician taking your composition and adding an individual direction and human performance.

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Violin Untamed

Performed at 3 different intensities; the quietest layer is subtle and delicate, the medium layer brings more emotion and character, whilst the loudest layer sounds wild, intense and often chaotic. They sound beautiful alone as individual notes or even more compelling when played as chord progressions.

With 8 other standard and extended articulations included, all performed with the same philosophy, VIOLIN UNTAMED is a Kontakt library for the composer that wants to sound unpolished, raw and human.

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Violin Untamed Articulations, Microphones & Effects

  • Longs Articulations
    • Improvisations – Normale – Flautando – Sul Pont – Tremolo Circular Bowing – False Harmonics
  • Short Articulations
    • Spiccato – Pizzicato (including Bartok)
  • Performance Controls
    • Dynamics – Expression – Vibrato
  • Microphones
    • Spot – Close – Room – Gallery
  • Effects
    • Saturation – Stereo Width – Reverb – 3 Band EQ 
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Recorded at The Nave

Recorded at The Nave, one of the North of England’s finest recording studios; a converted church with the most beautiful sounding live room. Engineer Alex Greaves used an impeccable set of classic microphones and vintage outboard to tailor the perfect sound for the violin.

With a single Neumann U87 at the heart of the mix, a stereo pair of Neumann KM184s and then two pairs of Coles 4038s.

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Westwood Instruments collected a really wide range of perspectives for you to mix exactly the sound you need. Everything was recorded through API 512 preamps, an AMEK Rembrandt desk and captured at 96kHz using world-class Apogee AD16X analog to digital convertors. 

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About Westwood Instruments

Westwood was born from an idea that composing on a computer would be much better if it felt like you’re writing with a musician and an instrument in front of you.

Westwood Instruments understands that not everyone has the means, time or access to live musicians but they know that writing music can often be inspired by experimenting with a real instrument in the room. For the Team Westwood, virtual instruments sound too clean, polished and have had any natural character stripped from them, which in their mind is the very thing that makes music sound most interesting.

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They like to find musicians that follow this mindset and will choose instruments that don’t sound too perfect. They often capture real performances with all their individual nuances and playing styles. Sometimes with traditional performance techniques and sometimes with unique and unconventional ideas. These aren’t phrased libraries; more like a real musician putting a feeling in your music.


VIOLIN UNTAMED is available now at a special launch price of £39 / $49 / €49 – Until 25th December 2019 

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