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Riffer 2.0 Update by Audiomodern

Riffer 2.0 (Affiliate Link) was updated to Version 2.0. Riffer is a smart MIDI tool that generates random Riffs by combining Pitch, Duration, and Velocity. Built for your Sounds, Software & Hardware. It produces current ideas, sequences, melodies, riffs, and musical patterns.
You can convert them into something of your own or let it run endlessly using the infinity mode.

New With Riffer 2.0

  • Create and Save Custom Scales
  • Lock Notes or whole Steps
  • Quick Load Preset Menu
  • Audio Out for Pattern Preview
  • New Scale Transposition Engine
  • New Range Engine
  • Infinity Mode Loop Selector
  • Root Note Probability selector
  • New Preset Manager
  • MIDI Controllable
  • New MIDI Output menu
  • Reverse Pattern
  • Updated UI
  • Performance Improvements

How to Update to Riffer 2.0

Download the latest Riffer 2.0 (Affiliate Link) version from your account/downloads (Affiliate Link) and re-install. Please note version 2.0 is not backward compatible so make sure you backup your saved presets first.

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