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Nuance 2.1157 Released by New Sonic Arts

A new version of Nuance is now available. Nuance is a sampler designed the way you want it. Fast workflow, pristine sound, ultra-low CPU usage.

Nuance 2.1157 Improvements

– Improved Choke Group logic (overlapping zones inside the same choke group no longer choke each other)
– Plugin Embed Samples in Host Project: Added Max Size option
– Last selected browser tab is recalled/used by default on new instances 
– FileBrowser automatically refreshes when folder contents change
– Assignment Manager: Click Clear + Shift key to clear all assignments
– My Samples / My Presets: Improved background scanning
– My Samples / My Presets: Added option ‘Open Location’ and ‘Delete’ (via shift) options to the context menu
– Various optimizations to database/browser backend 

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Nuance 2.115 Fixes

– Mapping Editor: Fixed an issue loading samples to selected zone (focus with lost)
– Fixed an issue with automation assignment recall
– Fixed a database corruption issue
– Waveform: display right channel was broken 
– Fixed some issues with V2 upgrade dialogs
– OSX: Installer now supports dark mode and no longer requires a restart

Nuance 2.115 Download

Please login into the New Sonic Arts User Area to download the latest installer: http://www.newsonicarts.com/userarea

Download Nuance 2.1157
Nuance 2.1157 Now Available 2
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