Stereo Stretch Delay M4L Device by Heaps of Bleeps – New Version Released

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 10 May 2022
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Stereo Stretch Delay M4L Device – updated

The Stereo Stretch Delay automatically delays, stretches and stutters incoming audio with two independent granular time stretchers. Feed the stretched audio back into itself to continuously re-stretch and glitch it.

Stereo Stretch Delay M4L Updates

  • Got rid of clicking that happens when you turn the filters on. They now fade in and out when you toggle them.
  • Got rid of clicking when changing feedback modes.
  • Added more visual information to show you when you need to raise your buffer size to complete the stretch, The Stretch display bars will now turn red when you can’t complete your stretch. This tells you more directly when you need to open the delay settings pop out and change the Maximum Buffer Size.
  • Added individual Delay Settings buttons for each channel which also shows you which stretch can’t be completed.
  • Fixed some math which made the delay settings button turn red at incorrect times. Also to fail to turn red when it should have.

More information about this and other products here.

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