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Eurorack Env/LFO QUART

QUART has 4 independent functions that can work as Low-Frequency Oscillators or Attack-Decay Envelopes depending on whether the Trigger Inputs are connected or not.

If the Trigger Input is not connected, the function will oscillate freely (LFO) but if a patch cable is connected, it will work as an Envelope (AD).

QUART also has 3-speed ranges for each function.

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  • FAST. Designed to perform an audio range LFO and very snappy envelopes.
  • MEDIUM. Classic envelope Rise & Fall and normal LFO rates.
  • SLOW. Convenient for long evolving patches and pads.

About NANO Modules

NANO Modules is a young company dedicated to the development and production of electronic musical instruments, focusing mainly on the design of modular synthesizers. These products reflect our passion and commitment to great designed systems and music production. Everything is designed, produced and assembled in València, Spain.


Quart module is available for pre-order. According to the company available in January 2020.

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