Alder Violin – The Transatlantic Violin // 1.1 Update Released

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 8 January 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Alder Violin – The Transatlantic Violin 1.1

A chance meeting at New York’s Museum of Natural History, a last-minute studio hookup from a vi-c member, drinks and music at the home of an SNL photographer, tree planting and, incredible burritos. New friends, new sounds, adventure, chance, hard work and a bit of luck. Recorded in Brooklyn, NY. Developed in the heart of England: The Alder Violin.

A solo violin library concentrating on highly expressive, evocative playing techniques. Performed by American violinist Jenavieve Vaga and recorded in Brooklyn, NY. Described as a ‘gem’ by those who have used it so far, The Alder Violin presence organic expressive, moving and inspiring violin textures to your compositions. v1.1 update is now live and introduces 5 new articulations: pizzicato, sustains, trill sul pont and an incredible Harmonic Legato patch, allowing you to perform the whisper-like, crystal sounds of this beautiful technique.

alder violingui actualsize 1.1
Alder Violin - The Transatlantic Violin // 1.1 Update Released 3

Performed by American Violinist Jenavieve Vaga

Jenavieve Varga is an American violinist and composer. Her work is collaborative, multi-genre, complex and cutting-edge. Taking up the violin at age 3, Jenavieve and her instrument have toured, scored, and recorded across 4 different continents.

Jenavieve Varga
Alder Violin - The Transatlantic Violin // 1.1 Update Released 4

Notable performances include appearances at the Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden, and All Tomorrow’s Parties. She has been covered by Vogue, Billboard, and NPR, and is currently the Music Director for The Big Quiet. 

Alder Violin v1.1 introduces 5 new articulations

  • Harmonic Legato
  • Expressive Con Sordino
  • Sustains
  • Pizzicato
  • Sul Ponticello Trills


The update is available free to existing users. Simply re-download the library via Pulse and replace it. Pricing is £49\€49\$49 | £29\€29\$29 until 31st January 2020 and up to 35% off with the Seven Days Grow Your Bundle.

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