Puremagnetik launches Swarm | Particle Diffusion Sampler

Swarm is a sound design effect inspired by “swarm intelligence” and “particle masses” such as those employed by composer Iannis Xenakis. It clones a segment of a sample and puts those members into a “flock” that disperses in unified, sometimes stochastic, coordination.

Swarm excels in creating dense pizzicato clouds or spacey, randomized ambiances. It is a very unconventional effect with unpredictable and oftentimes wonderous results. With some experimenting, sound designers should become acquainted with the character of Swarm and how it can best be utilized in their productions.

Available for Spark Subscribers

Swarm is available exclusively for Spark subscribers. You will get it immediately when you sign up for Spark along with new plugins every month. Spark and Century customers – Visit your account to download.

Werbung / Ad
Werbung / Ad