Waverazor v2.1.6 Update Now Available

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Saturday, 11 January 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Waverazor v2.1.6 by Tracktion

Tracktion released Waverazor v2.1.6 which is now available in the Tracktion Marketplace, and as a free update for current Waverazor 2 owners.

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Waverazor v2.1.6 Update Now Available 4

Version 2.1.6 features some additional patch polishing, and a fix to a chorus bug that made a few presets seem like they had a rising pitch envelope release.

It also marks Waverazor’s return to Linux compatibility after a short hiatus.  Now Linux users can access all the awesome features that debuted last November.

waverazor2 hero combo anim v3
Waverazor v2.1.6 Update Now Available 5

6 New Filter Types in Linux Version

  • SK35 – Sallen-Key LP, HP Filter
  • Diode Ladder – LP Filter
  • 1 Pole VA – LP, HP Filter
  • Ring Math – Ring Mod on Steroids
  • Wavefolder – 4 Mode Wave Folding
  • Saturator – A gentle limiter with character

349 Presets, including 62 New Sounds from designers Mark Hoffmann and Peter H.

Waverazor Version History v2.1.6 – 2020.Jan.03

  • Linux build is now available again
  • Fixed an issue with Chorus delay times going wild on certain patches
  • Preset Patches have been further refined


Tracktion offers a 30-day trial period for the full version of Waverazor, allowing you to completely explore the inner workings of the synth.  But you can also check out Waverazor LE, a free version of Waverazor with no expiration date.  The LE limited edition is laser-focused on auditioning the main factory preset bank and performing with the macro controllers on the main page.

Waverazor Version History v2.1.6 2020.Jan .03
Waverazor v2.1.6 Update Now Available 6

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