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 Percussion Swarm by Spitfire Audio Review

Spitfire Audio is an establish sample library any composer who works with a DAW probably owns some of their libraries. One recent one is Percussion Swarm which is reviewed today it includes numerous conventional and non-conventional tuned percussion Instruments.

Spitfire Audio selected a large range of conventional and lesser-heard tuned and untuned percussion instruments and made them available following the unique SWARM concept the company developed of the past years. Spitfire Audio did send a review copy without strings attached.

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PERCUSSION SWARM follows the outline of Spitfire Audio’s SWARM series (see also our review of Orchestral Swarm) of sample libraries designed to emphasize movement, depth, and ready to be used when composing to picture, for Ads, TV, trailer or games.


  • Number of samples: 51354
  • 61GBs Disk space required
  • NKS Ready, Kontakt 5.6.8 or Higher

PERCUSSION SWARM includes a collection of both conventional and non-conventional tuned percussion instruments. All prepared and ready to use in the Spitfire Audio’s particular swarm articulations.

The library was recorded in the Hall at Air Studios, and the various captured microphone positions allow you to further shape the sound as needed for the track or mood you are after for your customer. You can use the library through the established normal Spitfire Audio Kontakt Instrument layout and design. The UI is the normal Spitfire Kontakt Engine many of us know from other libraries. You can easily access articulations and microphones as well as mixes. On top of that, you get access to the Spitfire Audio’s Mercury Synth engine. Spitfire includes patches based on their own mercury synth engine which supports your invention of designed sounds.

PERCUSSION SWARM supplements perfectly percussion instruments playing in the unique Swarm style. This is pretty similar to the other Swarm instruments Spitfire released.

PERCUSSION SWARM by Spitfire Audio
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Jake Jackson Mix included

PERCUSSION SWARM includes four unmistakable blends curated by Jake Jackson. When you use a Mix you want to use one of the available mixes only instead of mixing a mix with other mixes.

Rating:  Five Out of Five Stars

I am blown away by the Swarm Series and their unique sound, the Percussion SWARM is just as good as the other available libraries. PERCUSSION SWARM offers any composer an exceptional, exhaustive arrangement of dazzling cloud-like developments, pointillistic surfaces and single hits delivered from uncommon and sizeable tuned and untuned instruments.

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