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Albion neo – available now!




SA Albion Neo SMc0318 cinemascope scaled

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Albion NEO – is available Now! Discover a new set of inspirational tools for writing modern film music. An expressive chamber orchestra: divisi strings, woodwinds, and brass, captured at AIR Studios — brought into the new decade by adventurous synth sounds, loops, and textures.

Albion NEO is ready for download
Albion NEO downloading in download tool by Spitfire


Albion NEO is available directly from Spitfire Audio, the Introductory offer ends February 6th 2020. Exclusive Saving for Albion Owners: Save an extra 5% off the introductory price for every Albion library you already own. Log in to see your discounted price. Full introductory price is £299/$349/€349. Or save up to 48% by upgrading to The Albion Collection.

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