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BOOM Library Launches SoundWeaver an Inspirational Sound Layering Wizard




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SoundWeaver Produces Different Flavors

SoundWeaver helps you design new sounds from your existing sound FX library in less time by automating and randomizing certain parts within your sound design routine. It’s a highly inspirational tool revolutionizing your workflow.

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We all know the situation: A client has asked for 100 new sound assets, 10 variations each, delivered as soon as possible. Creating variations, in particular, requires a lot of meticulous pitching, shifting and switching out elements within your original design.

With just a few commands, SoundWeaver will automate all of those time-consuming steps for you and generate as many suggestions as you like – so all that’s left for you to do is have a quick listen and keep the ones you like best. Focus on your creative process while SoundWeaver takes care of the rest.

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SoundWeaver explores the full depths of your sound library with the help of keywords or folder paths and picks matching sounds for your project. Sounds are automatically sorted, grouped, layered, aligned and split into regions (if files contain multiple variations). Now you can pitch, offset, gain, shuffle and randomize individual sounds, groups or the whole project.


  • Produce more assets and increase productivity on tight schedules
  • Set up your sound design session with ready-to-use sound combinations
  • Generate variations with ease instead of manually tweaking everything
  • Find new combinations, discover and create new flavors and variety within your library
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