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FeelYourSound updates XotoPad MIDI Multi-Touch App for Windows to v2.9.0




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XotoPad MIDI Multi-Touch App for Windows to v2.9.0

FeelYourSound has released version 2.9.0 of the MIDI multi-touch software XotoPad. XotoPad turns your multi-touch device into a MIDI instrument controller.

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FeelYourSound updates XotoPad MIDI Multi-Touch App for Windows to v2.9.0 3

XotoPad turns any Windows tablet into a flexible MIDI instrument controller. It can be used both in the studio and while traveling. XotoPad is especially useful for sketching chord progressions, writing melodies, or to control the mixing section of a DAW. Over 300 scales are included to build own scale keyboards and chord pages within seconds.

Other features: GM drum maps, isomorphic layouts, MIDI sliders, faders, XY-controllers, CC switches, full-screen mode, “always on top” mode, …

New in XotoPad 2.9.0

  • Use your own colors for pads.
  • Select and edit multiple pads at once. Click on “Edit ->  Edit page”, then choose the pads that you want to modify.
  • Ghost mode: Change window visibility on the fly.
  • More toggle groups for toggle pads.
  • Ask before exit with bigger buttons.

XotoPad works with any MIDI-enabled DAW and also includes a built-in audio engine with its own soundset.

Pricing and Availibility

Price and discount: 39 € / $45 at (the update is free for all existing customers). Enter code “xoto2020” at the checkout page to get 14% off. This celebration deal is valid from 2020/01/22 until 2020/02/02.

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