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Folk Fiddle V3.5.6 Out Now With 20% Off




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Folk Fiddle V3.5.6 Out

An inspiring and beautiful instrument. Simple to use with a straight to the point interface. A mesmerizing rootsy Violin instrument for Kontakt. Great for injecting a little folk, blues swagger into your pallet!

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Folk Fiddle V3.5.6 Out Now With 20% Off 3

FOLK FIDDLE is straight to the point performance-based Folk, Roots/Blues inspired violin library for the full version of Kontakt. With an ergonomic KeySwitching design and layout to allow for maximum creativity in your workflow. The samples are as unpolished as possible to retain a sense of human performance, and character. 

Folk Fiddle V3.5.6 Update

  • GUI overhaul
  • New live recorded True Legato functionality
  • Dynamic Crossfading & Expressive controls
  • Added FX functionality with greater control and choice
  • A fresh new mix of the overall instrument


Folk Fiddle is available now at a time-limited sale currently.

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