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G-SONIQUE Released Psychedelic Tunnel T1




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Psychedelic Tunnel T1 A Unique Sci-fi Reverb / 3D Spatial Ambiance Generator

Psychedelic tunnel T1 is not reverb, it is a brand new algorithm of psychedelic space design that can totally recreate incoming audio, make a new type of sounds or place your synths to the unique three-dimensional psychedelic environment.

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If you want to make your synths sounding like they are traveling through the universe or place them to the magic portal you don’t have to be cosmonaut or shaman.

Psychedelic tunnel T1 is VST x32 / x64bit plug-in for various styles of music: from psytrance, progressive, chillout, dub, to tech-house, minimal, Hitech, house, techno, electro, deep drum and bass, experimental, film music and many other genres.

T1 works perfectly with synthesizers, FX sounds, pads/soundscapes, as well as for effecting individual drums like snares in film music or ambient.

Psychedelic Tunnel T1 Features

  • Sci-fi parameter control: to add some science fiction to your sound
  • Dark energy control: to add DARK mysterious energy of antimatter to your sound + one octave detuned copy of the reverbed signal
  • LFO1, LFO2, LFO3 modulation of “Space” signal
  • LFO depth, Lfo speed control
  • Delay of LFO modulated signal (there are 3 separated “space” signals)
  • Space signal generator with:
    room size control, – damp control, – width control, – reverb mix control
    Panning modulation (Pan speed, Pan depth)
    Signal knob (to mix magic signal in)

Availibility and Special Pricing

Psychedelic tunnel T1 is available now 29.90 EUR (Introductory price 16.90 EUR for first 80 customers) at

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