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Kilohearts v1.8 – a new update to all Kilohearts software

A new update to all Kilohearts software is now available. All software has been updated to v1.8. The information is below, please get in touch if you would like an NFR for review or any other assets (you are welcome to use the graphics at the end of this email.).

Users can update to v1.8 by simply running the Kilohearts installer and clicking ‘update’. The installer is available here.

To ensure that everyone has an opportunity to try out the latest updates, Kilohearts has set up a ‘trial amnesty’ and has reset all expired trial periods. This update includes exciting new features, a few improvements and a handful of bug-fixes.

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New in v1.8

Snapheap and Multipass as Snapins

You can now load an instance of Snap Heap or Multipass as an effect in any Kilohearts hosts (Phase Plant, Snap Heap or Multipass).

This makes it possible to design very complex nested effects structures as well as essentially allowing you to build your own self-contained multiband, parallel or serial effects chains. All macros in the Snapins are made available for modulation by the host. 

New Preset Browsing System

Kilohearts have updated the browser system to be much more of a pleasure to use. They have added search, favorites, multiple user folders and an improved save dialogue. Preset browsing has been updated in all snapins and effects plugins as well as the hosts. 

Updates to Phase Plant

Kilohearts has updated sample and wavetable browsing to use the new system, with the same options to search, save and tag favorites. They have improved the LFO editor and added the ability to load and save LFO shapes. The Filter and Distortion generator and effects modules now have better visualization and extra options.

Kilohearts have also added another 80+ factory presets from various artists with more to follow.

Full list of updates:


  • Snap Heap and Multipass can now themselves be added as snapins, making it possible to do very complex nested FX structures.
  • Totally reworked preset browsing:
    • Preset favorites.
    • Multiple user preset folders.
    • Preset search.
    • Proper preset browsing in snapins.
    • Better Save dialog.
    • Made it possible to select a default preset.
  • The new and improved top bar in all plugins.
  • Improved preset loading speed.
  • Curated and sorted factory presets for Snap Heap and Multipass.
  • Fix for keyboard input not being forwarded to the DAW when a sub-window had focus.
  • Fixed automation not being smooth when large buffer sizes are used.
  • Fixed a problem that made it impossible to enter a parameter value via keyboard in the popup while the parameter was modulated.

Phase Plant

  • Over 80 new factory presets! Search for “#new” in the preset browser to find them all.
  • Sample and Wavetable browsing now uses the new content browser.
  • LFO shapes can now be saved/loaded, also using the new content browser.
  • Filter and Distortion generator FX now have better visualization.
  • Filter generator FX now has slope control.
  • Distortion generator FX has a new distortion mode: Quantize.
  • Added visualization to filter and distortion generator FX modules.
  • Improved grid control in LFO editor.
  • Improved LFO editor tools. The new “Stepped draw tool” makes it easier to use the LFO as a step sequencer.
  • Changed legato behavior. Adjacent notes are now considered to be separate rather than being played legato.
  • Adjusted the layout of the add modulator popup to be consistent with the same popup for generators and snapins.
  • Fixed a crash when adding audio rate modulations to a Sampler while playing a note.
  • Fixed samples sometimes not playing after loading a preset.
  • Fix for root and loop settings not updating as they should when loading samples.
  • Fix for old sample playing at the wrong pitch for a split second when browsing samples.


  • Added slope control.


  • New distortion mode: Quantize.

Carve EQ

  • New visual style with better controls in Snapin mode.

Slice EQ

  • New visual style with better controls in Snapin mode.
  • Global frequency offset, making it easier to modulate the whole EQ curve like a filter.


  • Fixed jittery knob drag behavior with high DPI gaming mouses.
  • Fixed graphical glitches.
  • Improved UI performance.
  • Fixed plugins failing AUVal on older macOS versions.


  • Fixed a problem with drag and drop on high DPI screens.
  • Fixed a problem where the window got focused after a popup window was removed.
  • You can update to v1.8 by simply running the Kilohearts installer and clicking ‘update’. You can download the installer here. 
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