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SoundWeaver Update Available

SoundWeaver helps you design new sounds from your existing sound FX library in less time by automating and randomizing certain parts within your sound design routine. It’s a highly inspirational tool revolutionizing your workflow.

SoundWeaver 1.0.1 Update scaled
SoundWeaver 1.0.1 Update 3

Version 1.0.1 (January 2020)

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  • BUG-FIX]
    We fixed a bug where using a different sample rate for audio export and playback resulted in truncated sound files.
  • [BUG-FIX]
    It was possible to select multiple active output channels which resulted in a crash. This has been fixed.
  • [BUG-FIX]
    We fixed a bug where zooming out of the timeline resulted in graphical glitches.
image 40
SoundWeaver 1.0.1 Update 4

Download the latest software from your download page on www.boomlibrary.com

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