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The New Century Brass (2.0)

8Dio updated its flagship Brass series with a variety of enhancements to the internal mapping, patch variations and all-new mixes along with many other general improvements.

Century Brass 2.0 now includes two tailor-made “in place” mixes, with instruments situated in a traditional orchestral seating position.

8Dio optimizes the entire library, allowing for more advanced features and superior performance on a variety of workstations. The entire Century Brass Collection now features their latest Chaos Effects, allowing you to customize the signal path and post-processing with over 140 impulse responses, stereo delays, EQ and much more.

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The New Century Brass (2.0) by 8Dio - Now Available 2

This latest update also includes individually available articulations as well as several extended options, such as 8Dio “Poly-Time” articulations. These allow you to play Arcs at a speed that suits your composition, as well as fluently, play these articulations in a legato style. The company has also included 8Dio popular “Chordal” legato instrument variant, which features a true polyphonic legato with accurately sampled intervals, enabling you to play multiple harmonies within a single track.

Century Brass is now available in individual volumes as well as a new specially designed ‘Lite’ version created specifically for quick orchestration sketching. Now you can pick and choose exactly which instruments and ensembles you want.

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