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As Loop draws closer, Ableton wanted to let you know about some of the events and formats Ableton is particularly excited about. Coming back to Berlin in 2020, Loop is three days of talks, performances and hands-on workshops aimed at sharing ideas on music, technology, and creative practice. Bringing together artists, technologists, educators, and other creative thinkers, Loop is an exploration of what it is to make music today and what it could be tomorrow.

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Loop: April 24-26 2020, Silent Green, Berlin

Loop 2020’s primary location is a new cultural venue with unique historical significance. Located in Wedding, Silent Green is on the grounds of Berlin’s first crematorium. Built between 1909 and 1910, the historically protected building encompasses multiple spaces now dedicated to artistic and cultural thinking, research and experimentation. These spaces include the octagonal Cupola – an atmospheric concert venue which was once the mourning hall, and the modern Underground Hall – formerly a subterranean mortuary, which now serves as a space for cross-media exhibitions. Events will also take place in Ebensperger Rhomberg and Luxoom Lab along with Savvy Contemporary, all located within the Silent Green grounds.

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In addition to this, selected events will be taking place at Bonello Studios. Founded in 2016, Bonello Studios serves as a base for creatives working in the fields of film music, sound design, electronic music, art and multimedia.

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The venues are both located in Wedding, within walking distance of each other.

On Stage at Loop

On the main stage, multi-platinum hip hop producer Major Seven and avant-garde techno DJ and producer Camea will each host a Track Deconstruction. Their explorations into the inner workings of a track will be hosted by Tracklib and Splice, respectively.

Award-winning sound-artist and multi-disciplinary designer Yuri Suzuki will give a talk to show the intricate sound design at the heart of his exquisitely crafted pieces. The talk will be presented by Shure.

Online AI-powered mastering service LANDR will join a discussion about machine learning’s role in the future of music production, and Cycling ’74 will show us how to create real-time sound reactive visuals using Max for Live.

Group Sessions and Installations

Korean finger-drummer Lionclad will team up with teaching app Melodics in an intimate Studio Session demonstrating how she prepares samples for her virtuoso live hip hop performances.

In an interactive installation by Spitfire Audio, attendees will be invited to record sounds for a new library made up of audio captured at Loop. The processed sounds will be combined into a downloadable instrument for the free LABS plugin.

There will be more events and formats added in the coming weeks. For the full rundown check the Program page of the Loop website.

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