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LOOP POOL: BOOM & BUST by Sound Dust

Sound Dust is very proud to introduce the new thing – LOOP POOL: BOOM & BUST. A huge pool of organic and analog building blocks squeezed into a cunning BPM synced morphing device. Use your mod-wheel and keyboard to intuitively build an infinity of urgent, thrilling and unique underscore (and overscore) from scratch. Sound Dust is the brainchild of Pendle Poucher, a Brighton UK based composer, sound designer and lover of funny noises.

BOOM & BUST is handcrafted from deep and broken organically generated sound sources.

LOOP POOL BOOM BUST Filthy Groovy Modern Cinematica
Sound Dust released LOOP POOL: BOOM & BUST - Filthy, Groovy, Modern Cinematica 3

Space Echo self-oscillation, distorted 808, bust up drum kits and bent cymbals, thumb piano, Voyager, Theremin, DFAM, binaurally recorded found sounds, electrostatic crackle, lovely wooden egg shakers, infinite guitar, dust piano, snow, fireworks, ghostly footsteps, softly beaten cello, earphone, musical saw, stethoscope, and many other unlikely sources.

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Nothing in BOOM & BUST was born inside a computer, only analog synths and real-world sounds recorded through mics and processed through the tape, spring reverbs, modular kit, valves, transformers and crunched transistors

In addition to the sounds in the Kontakt instrument, there is a pool of 500+ 24bit .wav loops to drop directly into your DAW or sampler for extra abuse, warping, and sound design.

Kontakt Required

The FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above is required for Kontakt 5 version. The FULL version of Kontakt 6.1.1 or above is required for Kontakt 6 version

Sound Dust released LOOP POOL: BOOM & BUST - Filthy, Groovy, Modern Cinematica 4


BOOM & BUST is available now. Use discount code BOOM20 for 20% until Feb 12th, 2020.

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