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Baritone Guitar Washes – Ambient Guitar Swells

Riot Audio releases BARITONE GUITAR WASHES, a versatile Kontakt instrument based on recordings of a baritone electric guitar with an aluminum neck custom made by Nude Guitars in collaboration with Italian ambient artist Eraldo Bernocchi.

BARITONE GUITAR WASHES‘ palette of possible sounds is unique in its breadth, whilst still retaining the DNA of the original sound sources. It covers icy, thin trails, warm, sparkly harmony pads, edgy, scratchy atonal textures as well as an assortment of plucks with varying degrees of electric guitar realism.

Introducing Baritone Guitar Washes - Ambient Guitar Swells with Special Intro Price 3

BARITONE GUITAR WASHES is a two-page Kontakt instrument with deep sound design capabilities. The UI includes controls for source sounds, morphing target sounds, layer-specific and morphing envelope shapes, effects. EQ and filter as well as a wide range of delay and reverb adjustments.

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  • Three-layer ambient guitar instrument running in Kontakt 5.8 and above (full version only).
  • Source instrument: Custom NUDE aluminum-neck baritone electric guitar owned by dark ambient artist Eraldo Bernocchi (Sigillum S, Obake, Osso, Harold Budd).
  • Powerful sound design engine (“WASHES”) that allows for the detailed sound source, envelope and spectral morphing adjustments for each layer individually.
  • Uses Kontakt’s AET Filter morphing technology.
  • 60 presets (snapshots) in total – 30 pads, 30 plucks.
Baritone Guitar Washes Main Page
Introducing Baritone Guitar Washes - Ambient Guitar Swells with Special Intro Price 4


BARITONE GUITAR WASHES is available at an intro price until February 19th, 2020: £39 (£59 regular).

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