• By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 3 February 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.


Hip Hop Creator includes a large selection of the newest sounds for modern and old skool hip hop. Designed to be the ultimate beat machine, Hip Hop Creator comes with a range of amazing sounding Master Preset sequences and arrangements.

Version 1.4 Adds

You can find the update here.

  • Start/Stop synced to DAW transport – Yep, you can now start and stop Hip Hop Creator by pressing Play and Stop in your DAW.
  • Undo/Revert buttons – Want to go back to where your beat was before (up to 9 levels)? Now you can!
  • Individual tracks can be locked when loading Presets or Randomizing. So if you like most of your beat, and just want to change the other tracks, you can!
  • Keyswitches (at user selectable locations) are now available for selecting instruments, user presets, and Start/Stop
  • User Presets – Wait … did someone say “User Presets”? Yep, we sure did!
  • More intuitive “Live Mode” (Where you play the chords and HHC follows you)
  • “Info” for all controls – Hover over any knob or switch and the info pane (enabled in the Kontakt Master section) will explain what that knob/switch does.
  • Drag&Drop, Snapshots, and various other bug fixes

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