Ampethron FX+ synthesizer

Ampethron, a new synthesizer company, introduces Ampethron Portable – a live act and studio hardware device with unique an external controller and the possibility to endless extensions and upgrades (install next synthesizers, instruments, and algorithms to the hardware device).

Ampethron FX+ synthesizer is a primary synthesizer installed in every Ampethron portable device. FX+ is a synthesizer with both classic and futuristic/innovative algorithms of sound synthesis allowing you to create FX sounds and soundscapes never heard before. The main advantage of FX+ synth is the speed of work – you can rapidly create hundreds of FXs while sounds amazing in every setting.

FX Synth Top Features

  • 4X Oscillators (1x Wavedrawing – user can draw his own waveform realtime with a finger or pc mouse, 2x Special wavetable oscillator with special Re-Synth-Remodulation algorithm, 1x classic virtual analog oscillator)
  • Variable routing of every oscillator to Filter 1 or Filter 2
  • Oscillator phase knob for selected oscillators
  • FM synthesis (FM and Micro FM control)
  • De-Tuner with octave and 12 semitones control + fine-tuning knob

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Special wavetable oscillator

2x Special wavetable oscillator with special Re-Synth-Remodulation algorithm with following waveforms: 80s FM horror,Alien autopsy, Alien investigation,Aliens speak to you organic,Alienspeak FM FAT,Alienspeak FM,Angelic pad,Angry Buddha,Buddha speaker,Buddha speaking,Comet,Cosmonauts,Cosmotrol,Dark Buddha,Dark Church,Dark lizardz,Darkwdr noise down,Deep sea,Desert creatures,Devilious voices,Digital bubbles,Downturn,Energizer,Extraterestrial forces,Extraterestrial submarine,Female decoder,FX resonoise down,Hackers,Highpsy,Hitech noises,Hitech synchronizer,Hypersquelch,Hypertube,Kapital,Katapulka,Magic portal pad,Mental tunneling,Mid pad,Monstakill,Nasty riser,Nemektar,Neurobotik,Neurovoices,Noise bomb,Noisy down riser,Nuclear bomb,Paranoid voices,Phasy speak,Progressive ev sweep,Progressive sweep,Quantizer,Quark,Remysterion,Runner,Siren,Slow synch growl,Space cops,SpaceBlip,Speaking delta,Sun Riser,Supersynchronizer,Synchro down,Synchron,Vintage rocket, and Weird speaker


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