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Origins Vol. 7: Tar & Chonguri

Tar and Chonguri are two incredibly beautiful eastern string instruments. United, they form the perfect couple for Sonuscore new Origins Vol. 7. Both are amazingly complementing each other’s tonal colors and allow a huge variety of timbres. Perform magnificent soundscapes with their Multi-Arpeggio-Designer or play the instruments solo.

SONUSCORE Origins Vol 7: TAR & CHONGURI. This KONTAKT instrument is the seventh installment of their Origins series. As known from the Origins series, this volume consists of two unique sampled instruments that are playable with Sonuscore’s revolutionary M.A.D. system or simply as single notes.

With M.A.D. (Multi Arpeggio Designer) each instrument has its own independent arpeggiating system that lets the instruments react to each other in a way no normal arpeggiator would be able to do. The instantly usable cinematic presets feel much more like an arranged composition than a simple arpeggiated chord. With their COLOR menu finding the right sound for your composition is now easier than ever.

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The Tar’s steel strings are plugged with a plectrum, resulting in a very pure and definite sound. Marvelously reflecting the legendary Persian culture, where the tar is present since hundreds of years.

The Chonguri with its tender silk strings adds warmth, depth, and richness to its joint timbre. An ode to the enchanting Georgian landscapes, where the instrument originates from.

Release Price Until February 18, 2020, Order until Feb 18, 2020, to benefit from our release price of only 55,20€.

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