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Acid Breaks a New Avenger Expansion




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Vengeance Producer Suite – Avenger Acid Breaks Expansion

Time for Acid! Enjoy this classic masterpiece of 03 basslines, jungle, and big beat breaks, screaming loops, and synths!

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Acid Breaks a New Avenger Expansion 4

In the best tradition of acts like Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and the whole “Acid House” scene of the 90s until today, Stefan Endemann created a really unique and timeless expansion. But now: let’s bring a bit of ACID into the modern world!

Acid Breaks adds 129 Avenger presets 21 new drumkits/sequences 16 “303” multiloops 50 new multi-samples 55 new OSC-shapes 10 new wavetables

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Acid Breaks a New Avenger Expansion 5

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