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Waveform Pro: pre-order and Save 30%

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Waveform Pro: pre-order and Save 30% 2

What’s New In Waveform

  • Cutting edge contemporary DAW designed for musicians.
  • Improved UI/UX with user-customizable actions and layouts.
  • Multi-screen and touch screen management.
  • Inspirational MIDI composition tools.


Get ready, Waveform Pro is coming soon! Pre-order your upgrade today and SAVE 30% off the regular pricing.
You will be first in line to download when Waveform Pro launches later in February.
You have the option to download early access betas.


Upgrade to Waveform Pro (v11)
Pre-order Upgrade from Waveform 10 for $49 (normally $69) 
Pre-order Upgrade from Waveform 9 for $59 (normally $89) 
Pre-order Upgrade from Waveform 8 for $79 (normally $109) 

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All Waveform 10 orders since Jan 1, 2020 will receive a free upgrade to Waveform Pro (v11)

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