“Paper” SFX library by SFXtools a Cinetools company

The “Paper” SFX library (Affiliate Link) featuring 260 high-quality paper recordings contains a wide range of sounds gathering from different kinds of sources. Paper (Affiliate Link) includes recording from photographic paper, paper bag, newspaper, bakery paper, A4 sheets, cardboard bag, etc.. all of these sounds being performed in common actions like rumple, crumple, fold and unfold, page turnover, flap, rustle, rub, wag and tear.

About SFXtools

Cinetools presents their new imprint, “SFXtools” (Affiliate Link) highly experienced in designing sounds for all kinds of media such as TV, film, commercials, video games, apps and much more. SFXtools (Affiliate Link) provides world-class sound effects libraries covered a variety of different categories ranging from Field Recordings, Ambiences, Cartoon Sounds, Sci-Fi, Game Sounds to Foley and everything in between.

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