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EverWave an Experimental Trip by 8Dio

Continuing with 8Dio’s experimental trip though custom-made instruments, they released a gem that intends to fulfill your transcendental desire in music: EverWave

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EverWave an Experimental Trip using Custom-Made Instruments 2

8Dio EverWave is a special one-of-a-kind physical instrument – exclusively designed for the purpose of deep-sampling. 8Dio spent nearly two years together with a master Luthier in Greece to build the instrument, which consists of a complicated array of strings and resonators.

EverWave was recorded using all sorts of techniques. Due to its complexity, 8Dio decided to sample it until it would break. Each note required almost 30-minute sessions of tuning, and at a point, the pressure was so great, that the instrument perished! The result, however, is an absolute delight to the ears of the listener. You will feel transcending into other worlds, this is an instrument that can fit perfectly both in an epic composition but also in a soft ambiance.

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8Dio created a massive amount of multi-velocity loops. Over 40GB of content compressed to 18GB (lossless) characterize this instrument.

EverWave Features

  • 19.48 GB Installed  (3000+ Samples)
  • Only one instrument in existence
  • Designed and built entirely by our master Luthier
  • 5 Deep-Sampled Bowed Sustain Articulations
  • 2 Deep-Sampled Plucked Sustain Articulations
  • 10 Deep-Sampled Special Articulations
  • 100s of effects
  • Multiple Mono and Stereo Mic Positions
  • The additional Sub-Woofer LFE channel


EverWave is available now at an Intro Sale: $148 (Reg: $248 Sale Ends March, 1st 2020 at 11 AM PST)

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