Type B – Vintage Exciter by AudioThing

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 13 February 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Type B – Vintage Exciter

AudioThing released Type B which is a plugin inspired by a famous vintage exciter effect.

The original unit was designed to add presence and brightness to vocal or instrument tracks. It was often used to enhance dull recordings where the high-frequency content was missing due to tape overdubs.

Type B lets you control more aspects of the exciter circuit emulation, giving you access to the internal filter, the harmonic generator and more.

image 19
Type B - Vintage Exciter by AudioThing 3

Exciters generate high-frequency content that is not part of the original signal using a combination of filtering and distortion (harmonic generator).
The input signal goes into a filter (usually highpass, but you can also choose bandpass with Type B) before feeding it into the harmonic generator. You have controls over the generated harmonics using the Color parameter. The signal is then mixed back with the dry signal.

Type B Schematics
Type B - Vintage Exciter by AudioThing 4
  • Vintage Exciter
  • HP/BP Filter with Emphasis
  • Adjustable Unit Noise
  • Oversample up to 16x
  • Resizable Window
  • Preset system with randomizer


The plugin is available now at an Intro Price: $/€ 29 (Full Price: $/€ 59). Customers, who own Type A should login to their account for a bigger discount.

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