Underwater Lifeforms by SFXtools

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 13 February 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Underwater Lifeforms by SFXtools

SFXtools is proud to present “Underwater Lifeforms” (Affiliate Link) featuring 35 high-quality SFX ready to inspire you alternate-reality underwater character and filled out missing ambiance part of your utopian water-world project.! Every sound in the folder meticulously designed and delivered in industry-standard 24bit / 96kHz to ensure the highest quality for today’s cinematic production needs.

The library is perfectly suited to post-production, game audio, movies, documentaries, advertising, or any kind of cinematic projects requiring high definition source recordings.

ST UL Underwater Lifeforms 1000x512 1
Underwater Lifeforms by SFXtools 3

Are you ready to unravel all the secrets of the sea bottom!

Included sounds / Keywords: Underwater Lifeforms, Ambiences, Relaxing, Weird Sounds, SFX, Fantasy, Magical, Dreamy

ST UL Underwater Lifeforms 628x75 1
Underwater Lifeforms by SFXtools 4

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