Harmonic Drums by Industrial Strength

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 13 February 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Harmonic Drums by Industrial Strength

Industrial Strength Samples (Affiliate LInk) has something new for you. Let’s have a big welcome for Harmonic Drums.

We offer up a massive 1660 Loops to cut up or use as is. These juicy Drum sounds are essential to creating huge Drums for Techno and House. You can really push the audio with loads of effects.

4 Harmonic Drums Kick Drums Hi Hats Snare Percussion Loops Top Loops One shots 1000 X 512 1
Harmonic Drums by Industrial Strength 3

These Harmonic Drums (Affiliate LInk) are all keyed up and land on 126 Bpm. Yes, the pack is 100% License Free and made from the ground up. The Loops are ready for drop n rock performance while DJ’ing.

Use these 8 Bar loops in Remix decks and when playing out with Ableton Live.

With the re-emergence of Modular and loads of new styles in electronic music, we are going beyond the norm. We thought this would be a fun pack to build sounds and layers. All the sounds have analog flavor while being totally digital.

Harmonic Drums has loads of Top Loops, Percussion Loops and of course, we added the Drum shots to program your own beats. This pack provides you with everything you need to get that heavy analog-style drum sound in no time flat.  

Just check the demo out. We also included 4×4 Loops like Snares, Claps, Hats, Rides and other bits to help you create that magic 4X4 sound with no fuss. There is so much content in this pack It’s insane.

But let’s not forget the rest of this amazing collection.  Whew….Harmonic Drums also contains Tech Grooves, Pads, Atmospheres, Bass grooves, Mod Loops, and SFX to really power you up.

If you’re looking for a dope way to inspire your next creation. Harmonic Drums might have the sonic goodies you’re looking for. Harmonics Included.

7 Harmonic Drums Kick Drums Hi Hats Snare Percussion Loops Top Loops One shots 628 X 75 1
Harmonic Drums by Industrial Strength 4

Harmonic Drums Features

  • 38 4×4 Clap Loops
  • 31 4×4 Hat Loops
  • 20 4×4 Ride Loops
  • 20 4×4 Snare Loops
  • 20 808 Kick Loops
  • 20 909 Kick Loops
  • 25 Atmos 
  • 30 Distorted Kick Loops
  • 38 Clap Shots
  • 31 Hat Shots
  • 167 Kick Shots
  • 35 Ride Shots
  • 20 Snare Shots
  • 54 Groove Loops
  • 42 Kick Loops
  • 65 Minimal Percussion Loops
  • 91 Mod Loops
  • 40 Pads
  • 275 Percussion Loops
  • 6 SFX
  • 24 Shaker Loops
  • 50 Tech Kick Loops
  • 70 Tech Claps
  • 20 Tech Hat Loops
  • 20 Tech Ride Loops
  • 22 Combo Top Loops
  • 259 Top Loops
  • 100 Minimal Top Loops
  • 30 Rhythm Tops
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