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Sonokinetic’s Ostinatos Updated




Sonokinetics Ostinatos Updated

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Ostinato Strings, Woodwinds, Brass & Noir update 1.2 now available!

Sonokinetic updated Ostinato Strings, Woodwinds, Brass & Noir to version 1.2.

Ostinato Strings Woodwinds Brass Noir update 1.2 now available
Sonokinetic’s Ostinatos Updated 4

Update 1.2 Changes

  • Added a midi drag and drop function with midi record
  • Larger chord recognition range to allow for all the seventh chords
  • Under the hood improvements that should improve efficiency
  • UI update for Midi-Drag
Sonokinetic BV updates Ostinato Libraries Record Drag MIDI 1
Sonokinetic’s Ostinatos Updated 5

Login to the Sonokinetic Manager to get the update, Sonokinetic is also running a 20% Valentines discount on the Ostinato range, now available from

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